I love this short animation, in which Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize winner (for her work related to banning and clearing of anti-personnel mines) describes her firm belief that each and every one of us can and should contribute to creating a better world. 

It's well worth spending two minutes of your time watching the clip - to enjoy the wonderful animation, and to feel inspired. 

Jody's messages strongly resonate with me personally, and with the ethos of The School for Change Agents. The online course is free to join and to participate in. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become an agent of change, how your actions can best influence change, and connect you with a global community of like-minded people.

Find out more about The School for Change Agents, and sign up here.

[This post was edited in November 2019 to update reference to signing up for The School for Change Agents]