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There is so much learning and practical tips available on a huge range of topics from our virtual Wednesday wellbeing sessions; you can catch up with all of them here.


Watch Mary Uhl Bien explain complexity with temporary adaptive spaces facilitating movement of innovations across a system, accompanied by this blog post by our colleague Diane.


Phil Hadridge has been conducting research on how we are working differently as a result of Covid19. Find out more in Remote Meetings: Discussions of Insights into Virtual, Video Working.

Across the globe, boards have shifted to virtual meetings. They're finding it a very positive experience & wondering why they didn't switch to virtual years ago. Here are eight practices that contribute to excellent virtual board meetings.

Why working from home isn't necessarily good news for women and may broaden gender inequality.

Diversity and Allyship

As people of privilege (majority group members), we have an immense source of power available to us to confront bias & injustice in our organisations: our social networks.

Covid-19 and Recovery

Knowing what to do to keep yourself and family safe from Covid19 while doing 'normal' things and supporting local businesses presents dilemmas. Great graphic from British Red Cross.

From 24 July face coverings/masks are going to be mandatory in shops in England.  The purpose of the face coverings is to help protect others from #Covid & as this lovely sketchnote from Haley Weaver says they’re a great display of human decency!

Here are some amazing tips from @scriberian for how to rewire your brain and remove limiting thoughts.

How do we build a learning system from our experiences of responding to #Covid19? This, from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors offers a one of the strongest frameworks combining mindset & action.People are having very different experiences of the #Covid19 pandemic. It might be the same storm but we're often in different boats. We have to listen to others & not  assume they feel the same way we do, even in similar circumstances. Sketchnote by Julie Woodard.Leadership and Teams

What's the difference between a prototype, a test & a pilot? In health & care in general, we have way too many pilots. Organisations that do this well prototype often, test more & pilot less. Blog by Simon Penny.

Change & Improvement

We tend to form groups based on identity. For large scale change, we need to anchor shared identity with shared values. Then, to create a true sense of shared purpose, we must instil the trust that only comes by engaging in shared action.

One of the most effective methods for action planning is finding "leverage points": levers or places within a system where a “small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.”

There are some gems of knowledge in the monthly Quality Improvement Evidence Update. Read here.