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Tomorrow is #MuslimWomenDay, a celebration of the contributions by Muslim women. Friday saw a tweet chat and a lot of celebrations for the #NHSMuslimWomen.

Social Influence

The story of Helen's Twitter account getting hacked is on the BBC website.Helen shares some advice for other twitter users: 1) Put 2 factor authentication on your Twitter account immediately; 2) Don't pay any "account recovery service" - go through Twitter to get your account back:


'That’s what I do' was @cara_mac1 reaction on hearing about working with complexity using system convening. Do you recognise this activity too? To learn more Diane's blog on complexity.

This looks like a simple diagram from Jessica Hagy. Actually it's a powerful metaphor of systems leadership. Systems leadership is outward not inward looking: we cannot have winners & losers, only winners & winners who have a shared sense of belonging, built on collective purpose.


Have a read of Helen's latest @BMJLeader blog with @goranhenriks on "Rooting our transformation efforts in a sense of belonging". Supporting everyone who is part of a change to feel a sense of belonging ignites a powerful source of energy for change: 

Leadership and Teams

This week our Horizons colleague Rosanna presented with Westminster Insight sharing strategies on how to improve NHS cultures and working environments to deliver change together. 

As our focus in health and care shifts from pathways towards people and from organisations to systems, leadership principles based on network thinking are even more relevant. This set by Curtis Ogden is so good. They are ways of operating to change the world:

"If you want to get people to change their behaviour, attract, don't overpower". Quote by Greg Satell.

For those of us in UK public service, April brings a new financial year so we're finalising our budgets. Is your team a trench digger or a bridge builder?  Do you think "this is our budget for our priorities", or "we collaborate/share for a bigger purpose"?

When we: 1) Co-produce change with the people it will impact; 2) Focus on "why" we're doing it before "what" & "how"; 3) Ensure the change makes sense to people & fits their own goals - we nearly always get better outcomes. Why? Because motivation drives change. Thanks Liz and Mollie

This week Helen discussed "energy for change" with the @NHSQuest network. For service recovery post covid, there's a risk we over-focus on intellectual & physical energy ("Here's the recovery plan, let's get on with it") & under-focus on social & spiritual. Graphic: Leigh Kendall

As leaders, every situation we face and every person we encounter will be unique. But we can increase the odds of choosing the right thing to do if we remember these ten things about people.

Virtual working

Helen has decided to retweet some of her most popular but deleted content, this is one: about why we need small talk for healthy, effective virtual meetings.

Are you that person who spends hours each day in virtual MS Teams meetings? Who feels constantly wired by the whole experience? Who gets far fewer unscheduled phone calls than you did before Covid? So that when you get  a call, you react like this? Me? I couldn't possibly comment.

And finally...

“Learn to walk with fear in one hand and courage in the other. You can be brave and afraid at the same time” - Susan David